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Discover the magic of your hair at AblStudios holistic hair oasis right in the heart of Williamsburg! AblStudios is known for their signature spa seasonal treatment where you get to relax like a goddess while they recalibrate & restore scalp + hair health by detoxing and replenishing during a healing wash on their costume hair bed. Welcome to “hair-plane” where you receive a scalp and hair massage with all natural ingredients & aromatherapy! The treatment includes a gentle blow and style to support & close your session with intention! Leave with a nourished crown, body & soul and I promise you’ll never want to try another hair salon again!

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Bodega Body

Like Bodega’s, health is multifaceted. The barriers for folks from disadvantaged backgrounds are insurmountable. The problems run deeper than lack of access to healthy food, and education. Issues like racial/social justice, climate change, and mental wellness are all barriers to better physical health. Bodega Body’s mission is to financially support these causes and 50% of their profits are donated to charities fighting these issues. Choose to donate and/or support small businesses who are driving important conversations and making a positive impact on this world.

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FRÉ Skincare

FRÉ is the first facial skincare product line created and formulated especially for women who workout. The 123FRÉ Facial Skincare Set is a 3-step treatment that covers all the bases of your active lifestyle. Since the birth of FRÉ, the brand has made a commitment: for every FRÉ Set purchased, they will plant an Argan tree, also known as the "Tree of Life." FRÉ does this to help replenish the endangered Argan forest in Morocco, and support the women who harvest the Argan oil. FRÉ has partnered with the High Atlas Foundation to plant over 15,000 Argan trees to date. This world is special and we need to help support brands who are choosing to put in the work to help combat climate change.


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Kappa Crew Swimwear

KappaCrew Swimwear is a premium swim wear brand that's purposeful in their approach. 5% of all proceeds are donated to help save the oceans. They promote positivity & happiness and offer worldwide shipping of swimwear & accessories. Choose to buy from a brand that gives back to our world in a meaningful way!


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Mezcla is a different kind of protein bar celebrating the world’s diversity through food and art. With three bold international flavors, hand-drawn designs on the front of each wrapper, and a QR code that leads to a constantly changing virtual art gallery, Mezcla is bringing innovation and personality to the protein bar space.

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Susteau is the first beauty & haircare company to develop science-backed, water-activated power-to-lather formulas that are better for people and the planet alike. They deliver products that are more concentrated and less wasteful, that don’t compromise on performance. The beauty industry has lacked environmental sustainability, transparency and innovation – and OWA Haircare is setting out to change that.


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SONNY BOY CO. is a wooden wick, coconut soy wax blend candle company. A one-woman team, and business; created, owned and handcrafted by Chelsea Powell. SBco. was born in quarantine from a desire to stay creative after being furloughed from her job in the fashion industry. The name was inspired by her beloved Wheaten Terrier puppy named Sonny. Each step in her candle production is done by hand & in small batches with immense attention to detail. Her candles are clean burning & made with premium, carefully curated fragrance oils and natural wooden wicks. The design is rooted in style and minimalism, guaranteed to elevate any space in your home.


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Terez is an NYC based brand that was founded to spread joy and positivity in the world. They make ultra comfortable clothes and their designs are always fun filled and high energy. They are a brilliant reminder to live your life fully and celebrate every bright moment, big and small. This brand is all about connection, heart & a warm embrace and I’m lucky enough to call myself a Joy Team Terez Brand Ambassador. Use my 15% off code “LINDSAYM15” for your first purchase on any full-price item – you won’t regret it!

Volo Beauty

VOLO Beauty believes in beauty on our terms. You never know where life is going to take you. But wherever that is, your haircare shouldn’t tie you down. No matter how busy life can be, think of VOLO as your co-pilot. They’ll be right there with you, ready to leave bad hair days in the dust. Wet hair is vulnerable hair. When your hair is wet, the protein bonds that make your strands are easily broken. Removing water from your hair quickly and efficiently – then gently drying it – is the bet way to avoid damage. Peace out, frizz!

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