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Meet Lindsay

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Hi! I'm Lindsay Milner - a Brooklyn-based fitness & lifestyle influencer focusing on inspiring others to live a healthy life and maintain a positive attitude within this crazy world. I want to share my journey and what I’ve learned, to help others balance & strengthen their mental and physical health.


When I graduated from college and entered the NYC workforce, I found myself depressed and insecure from post-grad expectations and a failed 6-year, toxic long-distance relationship.


Fitness changed everything for me. It allowed me to get back in touch with myself, focus on my individual needs, my interests and discover what ultimately makes me happy. Growing stronger both mentally and physically, I also learned the value of community and how when you show up for yourself, you can truly show up for others. By changing my diet, lifestyle, and perspective I started to lead a healthier, fitter, and happier life. I began to find my confidence again. 


Today, my full time job working in digital ad sales & branded partnerships at MediaLab (previously Infatuation, The Independent, VICE Media & POPSUGAR) keeps me busy, but I dedicate time to move my body 4-5x times a week and always find time to stay connected & engaged with my community.


With over 8+ years under my belt in media & digital ad sales and a dual-degree in Psychology and Communications from the University of Michigan, I'm not only equipped to know what others want, but I’m also able to show & help them achieve success, however they define it.

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