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Workout With Me

30 min

Arms + Abs

with 2lb Wrist Weights

This series focuses on the upper body and core. I use my 2 lb wrists weights to
intensify the movements but your body weight is more than enough. Do what feels right for your body.

35 min


Full Body

This workout focuses on the entire body. Grab a band and ankle weights, if you
have them, to level up. If not, no worries - your body weight will still offer a challenge.

35 min

Sweaty AF Circuit

with 2lb Ankle Weights

This circuit focuses on the legs, butt & core. Make sure you have a band and ankle weights close by if you’re feeling up for the challenge. If not, all good – do what feels good for you.

35 min


Full Body with Bonus Round

This series focuses on the full body. Add a band + ankle weights for some
additional resistance.

35 min

Abs + Booty

This workout focuses on the core & glutes. Feel free to level up with me - add
ankle weights and a band. If you’re not feeling it today, that’s totally fine – you know what’s best for your own body.

35 min

Core + Lower Body

This circuit focuses on strengthening your core & lower body – really working the legs and booty. Your body weight is enough but if you want to take it up a notch, use a band & ankle weights.

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